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Welcome to

Will West & The Friendly Strangers
A Modern Folk & Sound Project
Located in Portland, Oregon

Will West & The Friendly Strangers perform "Everytime" live at Mississippi Studios.
Special thanks to Ben Blankenship & crew in Portland, Oregon.

Doug Fir Lounge ~ Green Room - Will West and The Friendly Strangers Band in Portland Oregon Erin Akisson Bre Paletta Justin Bennett, Will West, Don Henson, Jeff Simpson, Ji Tanzer, Skip vonKuske, Beer
Will West & The Friendly Strangers just before showtime at the Doug Fir Lounge.
Portland, Oregon.
Photo by Tim Gunther.

Upcoming Events

The Latest Album "Sunshine"
by Will West & The Friendly Strangers
Available now at Live Events, iTunes, CD Baby & Bandcamp.

For more info please check out the Album Info Page

Sunshine album cover.  A smiling child with upside down sunglasses on.  Sunshine by Will West & The Friendly Strangers

"Sunshine" has been receiving airplay on KNRK 94.7, KINK 101.9 & KZME 107.1 in the greater Portland area.

Buy Local! ~ "Sunshine" & "Take this Moment" CD's are now available at this fine Portland location

Music Millennium
3158 East Burnside
Portland, OR





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